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CDRB - The Firm And it`s Organisation
The Centre for Development Research, Bangladesh (CDRB) established in 1982 has been working as a major research institution in Bangladesh and earned a reputation both at home and abroad. It is an independent, non-profit organization, consisting of analysts, professionals, researchers and scholars with multi-disciplinary background and drawn from various universities, research organizations and corporate bodies. CDRB is engaged in deliberation, dissemination and training intended to expand the area of human knowledge for applied and functional utility in the development process.
From 1989 Centre for Development Research Bangladesh (CDRB) has also been working as the representative of the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies (AIBS), an association of 18 US universities and other institutions of higher learning to promote scholarly-level exchange and understanding between the USA and Bangladesh.


One of the major dimensions of the work and assignments of the CDRB is to utilize its pool of multi-disciplinary experts to undertake socio-economic and legal administrative studies and assignments for governments, corporate organizations and international bodies. The CDRB has also constituted a panel on Foreign Policy Research with a dozen of distinguished diplomats, analysts and researchers.
CDRB has a rich experience in various fields relating to the process of socio-economic development problems and issues of management in a development milieu, and social, economic, ecological and environmental and cultural factors in agricultural, industrial, commercial and water resources, fisheries and livestock related development activities, programmes and projects.

The Centre has been brought into existence by a group of academicians, scholars and experts with a shared objective of undertaking, encouraging and promoting independent research on various issues relating to development with special reference to the Third World countries in general and Asia in particular with specific relevance to Bangladesh. Objectivity and independent thinking as the greatest need for research work constitute the rationale for the emergence and continued existence of CDRB. The Centre is intended to fulfil a long-felt need for such an organisation - for the first time in the non-government sector in the country for the achievement of realistic blend of academic knowledge with action- research and practical experience.

Socio-economic studies, especially in the fields of Integrated Rural Development; Intensive Area Development; Poverty Alleviation Youth and Women's Development; Legal Studies; Public Policy Research; Development Administration; Studies on Foreign Affairs; Regional and International cooperation and Development; Management Studies including operation and maintenance of Flood Control Drainage and Irrigation Structures; Feasibility Studies, Industrial and Marketing Surveys; Issues relating to Population and Manpower Planning and Development; Education and Social Development; Resource Mobilization and Utilization; Problems connected with International Finance and External debt; Environment Protection, Pollution Control and Sustainable Development; Disaster Preparedness and post-disaster Relief and Rehabilitation. Impact Studies with specific reference to project performance and distributive aspects.
CDRB is an organization, engaged primarily in independent study and research, committed to contribute to efforts within and outside Bangladesh for national, regional and international development.


to organise, sponsor and promote research in the field of development by constellating multi- disciplinary knowledge and expertise;
to undertake and conduct specific action-research projects for socio-economic development Involving a harmonious blend of field-work and desk research;
to sponsor joint research ventures in regional and international perspective so that the forces of the development process can be harnessed to achieve early upliftment of the developing nations through promotion of cooperative self-reliance;
to undertake basic research in the field of socio-political and economic relations among nations;
to educate and train young researchers and intellectuals in research methodology, study approaches and survey techniques;
to work as a forum for scholars, decision-markers, students, members of professional groups, both national and international, for de-liberation, dissemination of knowledge and exchange of information & views on issues related to national development, regional and international progress and co-operation;
to function as a seed-bed of knowledge and information through building up a rich library containing useful books, journal, monographs and important documents;
to establish and promote close institutional linkages with similar organizations throughout the world for mutual sharing of the benefits of research in the form of exchange of publications, reciprocal grant of research facilities, co-operation in and co-sponsorship of joint research projects, seminars, conferences, exchange of scholars, short-term mutual visit etc.

CDRB is a pool of multi-disciplinary experts drawn from different areas of social sciences, all with a shared perspective of development. The priority areas of the Centre's research are :
Socio-economic Studies including Bench-mark Surveys, Feasibility and Viability Studies, Impact Studies;
Rural Development with specific reference to Agriculture, Irrigation and Electrification;
Regional and Urban Planning, Transport Management and Environmental Studies;
Resource Management, Community Forestry, Livestock, Poultry, Fishery and Energy Studies; Population, Family Planning, Health Policy, Community Health and Human Resources Development, Industrial and Manufacturing Survey and Market Research;
Regional and International Co-operation in Development including North-South, South-South Interaction and other issues related to Development of the Third World nations;
Islamic world as an important Force in International Co-operation and Development;
Current Issues of International and Strategic Affairs with specific reference to their Impact on International Co-operation and Development;
Progress and Problems of Regional Co-operation including those of SAARC

The CDRB consulates multi-disciplinary scholars representing rich academic and professional background and experience in areas ranging from survey, study and research to management and training type services. The Centre's panel of experts includes permanent staff and standing arrangements with professionals in the spheres of Agriculture and Rural Development, Finance and Management, Industry, Education and Population, Family Planning and Human Resource Development. Besides, professionals specialized in other important sectors including Energy, Health, Urban Development, Human Settlement, Migration, Socio-cultural aspects of Development, Public Administration and Decentralization also contribute to the expertise and capability of the CDRB. (Further details including curriculum vitae of the experts are available on request.
CDRB takes special interest in the study of political development and administrative reforms and modernization in the developing countries with specific reference to topical issues in related areas in Bangladesh. Research on these subjects are part of CDRB' s regular activities as well as project assignments.
The CDRB has a Foreign Policy Research Panel designed to undertake on regular basis, studies on different aspects of foreign policy of Bangladesh, regional-politico-economic development and issues in international relations with specific references to North-South, South-South and South Asian contexts. Work of the panel normally takes the shape of workshops/seminars held at least once every quarter. The members of the panel include retired diplomats, civil servants and professors of eminence; senior officials, teachers and researchers and other professionals; and representatives of the business, commercial and industrial communities. The panel is headed by the Chairman of the CDRB.

The CDRB holds occasional seminars on issues of current topical interest with specific reference to development and international affairs. Such seminars are generally open, attended by cross-sections of scholars, students, members of professional groups, decision-markers, journalists etc. The CDRB also serve as a forum for talks and discussion meeting by distinguished guest speakers representing a wide variety of academic and professional background from home and abroad.

The Centre's quarterly journal ASIAN AFFAIRS has been in existence ever since its establishment. It is a research publication concerned mainly with the problems of developing societies. It is also a journal of contemporary ideas, thoughts and happenings which offer an instant insight into the political, economic and social problems and issues of Asian countries. It has already established its credentials in academic circles of the world as a publication of great value. Its contributors and advisers are highly reputed scholars socialising in the problems of development and foreign policies of developing nations.
The activities of the Centre for Development Research, Bangladesh (CDRB) are directed and conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of many distinguished and internationally reputed analysts, professionals, scholars and academicians.
The CDRB has a team of regular consultants as well as a pool of on-call consultants drawn from the reservoir of multi-disciplinary expertise available in the country. Consultants of the latter category are assigned when specific tasks demand such expertise.

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