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Notes for Contributors

Scholarly manuscripts that fall within the aims and scope of Asian Affairs will be accepted. Interdisciplinary, international, and/or intercultural studies are preferred. The author should submit two copies of the manuscript. The manuscript must be typewritten, double-spaced on one side of white paper. Pages should be numbered consecutively. A quotation that will run more than fifty words should be off as a single spaced, double-indented paragraph. Changes and additions to quotation should be identified by bracketing; ellipses (...) should be used to identity omissions; emphasis added should also be indicated. In matters of style, the manuscript should follow The MLA Style Sheet. The following are given as guidelines for contributors :

Tables : Tables should be given separately, making their position in the manuscript, using such numbers as Table - 1, Table - 2, etc. with appropriate heading.

Illustrations, Graphs, Charts : These should be drawn in deep black ink on thick drawing paper clearly and legibly within printing area with appropriate legends.

Endnotes : These should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the manuscript.

Samples Entries

L. C. B. Seaman, From Vienna to Versailles (London : Methuen & Co., 1976), p. 5.

Willan G. Moulton, A Linguistic Guide to Language Learning, 2nd. ed. (New York : MLA, 1969), pp. 5-55.

W. P. Ker, Epic and Romance (1909; rpt, New York : Dover, 1957), p. 16.

Asen Kozharov, On Ideological and Political Pluralism. World Marxist Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1977, p. 125.

The editor retains the right to edit the article to make it consistent with the style of the journal.

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