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Name : Dr. Nazli Kibria, Associate Professor of Sociology, Boston University, USA.
Seminar Topic : Employment, Decision & Processes : Women Garment Workers in Bangladesh
Date : Dhaka, Thursday, May 23, 1996


Name : Prof Charles H. Kennedy of Political Science, Wake Forest University, USA.
Seminar Topic : Politics of Ethnic Preference In India and Pakistan
Date : Dhaka, Friday, June 7, 1996


Name : Dr. Mazhar M. Islam, Associate Professor of Finance Department of Economics and Finance, College of Business Administration & Graduate School of International Trade Texax A & M International University, USA.
Seminar Topic : Trends and Potential of Emerging Stock Market in Bangladesh
Date : Dhaka, Sunday, August 11, 1996


Name : Dr. M. Mahmud Khan, Associate Professor of Health Systems Management & Deptt. of International Health & Development Tulane University, New Orleans, USA.
Seminar Topic : Development of Private Health Care Facilities in Dhaka City:Impacts on Cost Access & Quality
Date : Dhaka, Saturday, August 3, 1996


Name : Dr. Enayetur Rahim, Professor of History, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. U.S.A.
Seminar Topic : American Pluralism and Identity: Bangladesh Community in the United States
Date : August 8, 1996


Name : Mr. Michael Emch, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Geography,
Michigan State University, USA.
Seminar Topic : Spatial Patterns of Diarrhoeal Disease in Matlab, Bangladesh
Date : Dhaka, Monday, September 16, 1996

Name : Mr. Ian J. Barrow, Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, University of Chicago, USA
Seminar Topic : Colonial Mapping in Bengal, 1760-1820
Date : Dhaka, Thursday, October 24, 1996
Name : Dr. Momtaz Uddin Ahmed, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka
Seminar Topic : The Japanese Employment System and its Role in Economic Development : An Outline
Date : November 21, 1996
Name : Dr. Syed Saad Andaleeb, Associate Professor, School of Business
The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Seminar Topic : Delivering Primary Education in Bangladesh : The Management Challenge
Date : Dhaka, December 12, 1996
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