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Name : Dr. Salim Rashid, Professor of Economics
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA.
Seminar Topic : Lesson from the History of Water Management Projects in Bangladesh
Date : Dhaka, Saturday, March 8, 1997


Name : Dr. Shamsul Huda, Associate Professor of History
Xavier University of Louisiana, USA.
Seminar Topic : Running the Show: Elites of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Date : Dhaka, Monday, May 2, 1997


Name : Dr. Bimal Kanti Paul, Associate Professor of Geography, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA.
Seminar Topic : Use of Medical Center and Trained Birth Attendants (TBAs) for Children
Date : Dhaka, Tuesday, July 29, 1997


Name : Dr. M. Kabir Hassan, Associate Professor of Finance
Department of Economics and Finance, University of New Orleans, USA.
Seminar Topic : The Managerial Cost Efficiency of the Grameen Bank
Date : Dhaka, Friday, August 8, 1997


Name : Dr. Amalendu K. Chakraborty, Lecturer of History, University of Wisconsin, USA.
Seminar Topic : Madrasha Education During British Rule : Toward a History of the Madrasha-i-Alia
Date : Dhaka, Saturday, August 16, 1997


Name : Ms. Erin E. O'Donnell, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of South Asian Area Studies,
University of Chicago, USA
Seminar Topic : Ritwik Ghatak's "Titas Ekti Nadir Nam" : A Mahakabyo of Bengal
Date : Dhaka, Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Name : Ms. Zebun N. Ahmed, Doctoral Candidate
Deptt of Administrative & Policy Studies, University of Pittsburgh, USA.
Seminar Topic : Mapping Rural Women's Perspectives on Nonformal Education Experiences
Date : Dhaka, Sunday, December 21, 1997
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