Kejriwal and the AAP who look to fight the upcoming Goa State Assembly election, in a press conference promised an unemployment allowance.
Goa: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 23:43:19, by: Deepak Kumar

Kejriwal and the AAP who look to fight the upcoming Goa State Assembly election, in a press conference promised an unemployment allowance of ? 3,000 (Rs 5,000 in some cases) and 80 per cent quota in private sector jobs for locals were among seven assurances, on Tuesday.

The AAP chief said that if the party is voted into power, the party would fight corruption and ensure at least one unemployed person from each household found a job.

The Delhi Chief Minister highlighted the repercussions of Covid-19 in the state, suggesting that the state’s finances have been affected since tourism has always been a major source of income, which this year was erratic. To effectively help the affected people, and for people who lost their jobs because of restrictions and the ban on the mining industry,  unemployment allowances will be given by the AAP government, if elected, which would be Rs 5000 per month.

Addressing the Youth he tweeted,
“My 7 Guarantees for Goa's youth

?     Jobs for Goans, not just for MLA's relatives

?     1 Job/family for unemployed

?     3000/month until then

?     80% Pvt jobs reserved for Goans

?     5000/month for unemployed in tourism due to COVID

?     5000/month for mining ban affected

?     Skill University”

Arvind Kejriwal, taking a swipe at the current CM suggested that the schemes run by the BJP government in Goa, like free water for 60% of the residents, and doorstep delivery, has been running in Delhi, where the AAP has consolidated its power. He suggested the CM Pramod Sawant is promising a replica of the Delhi model, adding, “When the original (referring to the Aam Aadmi Party) is available... What is the need for a duplicate?"

Mr Kejriwal also promised 300 units of free electricity, something Delhi residents under the AAP government already have,  and also said that the farmer’s electricity bill will be completely paid out by the government, and citizens are promised 24 hours of electricity.

In August the BJP government in the state of Goa had offered free electricity at an estimated cost of about Rs 120 crores. Citing this, many were critical of the AAP, for offsetting huge financial burdens for the state.

However, Kejriwal points towards the party’s rule in Delhi, saying, "... we stopped corruption (and) we saved money... this is how we proved ourselves in Delhi (and) will do the same in Goa".

The AAP who also plans to fight in Uttarakhand assembly elections, also promised similar things, addressing the voters on Sunday. The AAP’s political strategy in these assembly elections seems to be the sale of the Delhi model.

Goa is supposed to have its Assembly elections in February, 2022. In the last assembly election of the state, in 2017, the party did field candidates, but did not get themselves elected into the Assembly. 

Author: Deepak Kumar

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