Zoom announces new features in its annual Zoomtopia Conference.
New Delhi: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 23:54:14, by: Deepak Kumar

Zoom at its annual Zoomtopia conference has introduced a lineup of new features to make the video conferencing platform, widely used in the pandemic, more convenient to use.

Zoom which has been adopted in the work-from-home or the hybrid professional lifestyle will now include real-time, multi-language transcription and translation for Zoom calls soon. The new real-time translation feature is introduced in the hopes to reduce language barriers during video calls. Zoom hopes to get the new language translation feature up and running by later this year, with 12 languages which the platform will be able to translate in real-time. Zoom also plans to extend the automated transcription option which the platform already has to add 30 languages, along with the new translate feature, expanding translation and transcription. 

To streamline workflow and provide a connected user experience, Zoom plans to release the Zoom widget. The Zoom Widget will give users an at-a-glance view of the meeting schedules, seeing ongoing meetings and participants, sending quick chats and more.

Later this year, the company aspires to enhance the Zoom whiteboard experience for its users.  Asynchronous collaboration across a wide range of devices while providing a more engaging and streamlined meeting experience. One will be able to interact with the virtual whiteboard, like in real-time. Zoom also announced that they will be teaming up with Oculus from Facebook to build a Zoom Whiteboard integration for Oculus Horizons Workrooms, which will allow users to access and annotate a whiteboard within a virtual reality environment.

Specifically for the Zoom chat, Zoom is making it easier to collaborate before, during, and after a meeting. With the ability to seamlessly access and send content that was shared in a meeting, such as in-meeting chats, files, and videos, and access to integrations with file sharing solutions, one can easily collaborate on documents and projects without leaving the Zoom client. In the next few months, a new toggle view for Zoom Chat channels will also be introduced. 

To work towards, elevating workspace for hybrid teams Zoom has brought out a new feature that wishes to integrate with co-located and distributed teams in the organization. Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, which is now available in public beta, uses AI to create individual video feeds of in-room participants, providing remote employees with an individual, clear view of each participant. Zoom plans to enhance Smart Gallery to enable remote workers to be represented equally on the screen with other participants, creating a more inclusive meeting experience for everyone.

As hybrid workspaces are becoming a common feature in many companies, Zoom is introducing Hot Desking. With Zoom hot desking, employees will be able to book desks and spaces using an interactive map and eventually select seats or arrangements recommended by Zoom’s AI, giving organizations the ability to reconfigure their workspaces for flexible working. Zoom phones already support some hot-desking capabilities. Zoom is bringing in a new QR code hot desking experience to Zoom Phone Appliances and Zoom Rooms in beta later this year.

Enhancing virtual event experiences, with Zoom events, new features have also been introduced. A new option of hosting conferences will allow users to host multi-track and multi-day events with additional features, including branded emails, surveys, recordings, analytics, and more. A new green room will also be brought in for Zoom virtual events, with the backstage feature which gives speakers, panellists, and production support a centralized space where they can respond to Q&A, monitor chat, or mingle before going live.

Zoom plans to add these features, with updates over this year and next year. It seems to have a plethora of new features and changes to make the platform more interactive and engaging for office work and also in events and daily personal use.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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