Twitter Blue Now Available in US and New Zealand
New Delhi: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 22:02:46, by: Deepak Kumar

Twitter Blue is now available to users in the United States and New Zealand, according to the firm. The microblogging platform's membership service has a number of benefits, including the option to erase tweets and the opportunity to view select news items without adverts. Twitter Blue memberships are an attempt by the social media behemoth to diversify its revenue streams.

Twitter Blue, which costs $2.99 (approximately Rs. 222) per month in the United States, now includes the option to browse select news stories without advertisements, submit lengthier videos, and customise the Twitter app's navigation bar.

The Twitter Blue account tweeted announcing the launch, “It’s time to flex those Twitter fingers and take it to the next level. Twitter Blue is now available for subscription in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia on iOS, Android, and web”.

The ability to undo tweets is one of Twitter Blue's most useful features. Subscribers will have 60 seconds to preview and edit a tweet before it is made public as a result of this. While Twitter has yet to implement the much-desired "Edit Tweet" function, the option to erase tweets before sending might help users prevent typos or other problems.

The San Francisco-based firm, which makes the majority of its money from advertising, is looking to diversify its income streams by selling access to some services to heavy Twitter users who rely on the site for breaking news and current events.

Subscribers to Twitter Blue may read content from newspapers such as The Washington Post, USA Today, and Reuters without being interrupted by adverts. According to Twitter, a percentage of the user's Twitter Blue membership will go to journalistic organisations.

“Turns out you CAN scroll forever. Support journalism while getting an ad-free reading experience on some US-based publishers’ websites. Look for the “Ad-free with Twitter Blue” label in your timeline. Paywall access not included,” tweeted the company.

Subscribers may also alter the colour theme of their Twitter app and put essential chats to the top of the message inbox. Longer videos, up to 10 minutes, can also be uploaded to the Web.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue is also straightforward. All a user has to do is go to the main menu, click on Twitter Blue, and then touch on Subscribe.

“Ready to go for it? Here’s how to sign up:

From the main menu, tap “Twitter Blue”, then tap “Subscribe” 

After payment, you’ll have access to some of the next-level features (which vary by device) and more in this hot thread,” Twitter said explaining the subscription process.

In June, Twitter began rolling out the subscription service, initially in Canada and Australia. However, the corporation refused to provide the number of subscribers it has.

Furthermore, Twitter had said before that Labs will be accessible in more countries shortly, while Blue will be available in new territories and on Android and the web "in the near future," according to the company's website.

Author: Deepak Kumar

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